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Refit & Build

As everything else, Yachts get aged and outdated. In addition to the exterior styling and paint, the machinery and equipment may not be running well or may be unproductive, noisy, heavy, etc., the interior layout and decoration is tedious, old, etc. It's time for a refit!

OLG provides the finest in yacht repair & refit services. We have been the choice of boat owners, captains, designers, brokers, yacht management companies, fishing industry and other boat building companies. From simple job to the challenges of complex refits, we have the expertise and procedures to ensure the integrity of each client's confidence and expectations.


  • Exterior profile modifications to modernize the look of any yacht.

  • Interior layout modification, redecoration and outfitting. (Ceilings, floors, veneers, cabinetry, etc.)

  • Bridge Redesign & Upgrading with modern electronic controls and monitoring equipment.

  • Galley Redesign & Modernization with more efficient space planning and equipment.

No matter what brand, type or size of yacht you own, OCEAN LIMO GROUP will refit it with maximum attention to detail and a professional service that will give you exact what you want for the price you want.

Conversions are especially attractive in comparison to a new builds when it comes to saving money and time. OLG conversions will cost substantially less than purchasing a new yacht. As all newly converted yachts are equipped with efficient machinery & equipment. You fix your budget to be spent on the existing vessel and we will style, engineer and outfit it to your exact needs and requirements.

If you own a Yacht and would like to have it Professionally retrofitted or modernized with the ultimate OCEAN LIMO GROUP technologies to increase its performance and market value, please contact us for a One of Kind Service.


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