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Design Check List
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First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Home Phone
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Work Phone
City, State, Zip, Country
US$ budget(min)?   (Ex:100,000)
US$ budget(max)?   (Ex:100,000)
When do you plan to begin this project?
When do you plan to take delivery of this vessel?
Purpose:   Commercial    Pleasure
Commercial: Diving  Sport fishing  Ferry  Work boat Other
Pleasure: Diving  Game fishing  Cruising  Passage making Other
Operating Conditions:   Lake    Extended Limits Coastal Offshore
Designed/built to survey: Yes  No 
 Preferred Type
 Preferred construction medium
Maximum speeds required
Cruising speeds required
Ocean going mode
Size Restrictions
Maximum allowable length
Maximum overall beam
Range Required
Give the extreme range wanted and indicate the likely frequency of this (i.e. all the time or only once a year)..
The number of persons that will be sleeping on the boat and the length of the trip. Some indication of the type of accommodations wanted would be very useful (i.e. four double cabins with ensuite heads). A drawing, no matter how rough, is always useful. We can usually supply you with some drawings of similar vessels that you can draw on and use as a basis for getting some idea of accommodation possibilities.
Number of helm stations wanted and their position (i.e. two - one in the flybridge and one inside; or one in the enclosed flybridge at aft end for game fishing).
Water capacity required (or number of people and for what period of time). This will also depend upon whether or not a water maker or desalination unit is used.
Water maker: Yes  No 
Black water tanks required: Yes  No 
Grey water tanks required: Yes  No 
Shore power connection required: Yes  No 
Generator wanted: Yes  No 
Inverter required: Yes  No 
Air compressor wanted: Yes  No 
Television: Yes  No 
Video: Yes  No 
Sound system: Yes  No 
Air conditioning: Yes  No 
Chart plotter: Yes  No 
Weather facsimile: Yes  No 
Depth sounder: Yes  No 
Global positioning system: Yes  No 
SSB radio: Yes  No 
VHF radio: Yes  No 
Wireless Internet: Yes  No 

If quiet running is wanted (ie: no generator or engines) - all electric runs off battery power via an inverter. Indicate the length of time this will be required and if it is at night or during the day.

Radar? What sort of range?

Satellite communication gear or any other electronic systems?
Microwave: Yes  No 
Fridge: Yes  No 
Freezer: Yes  No 
Stove: Yes  No 
Stove Type: Gas  Electric 
Water heating: Yes  No 
Ice maker: Yes  No 
Washer/Dryer: Yes  No 
Wish List :
Preliminary design work does not require that all of this information be provided. However, if  complete design work is to proceed,  the best result is achieved when the design check list  is as detailed as possible.  Include  anything that you might  want to add at a later date after the  boat is complete. Please disregard any categories that are not applicable to your boat and add anything that is missing. If more than one category applies, then check them all.  This list is a  “Wish” list for our guidance. Put here what you would like to have in your boat.  This list may well have to  be cut back during the design process because  of space, displacement  or  cost constraints. But  if  you don’t list it,  then we can’t consider it.   In the interests  of  getting the  all  important weight  and weight  distribution  estimates right,  we need  to know what is going into your  boat in as much detail as possible. Styling can be a difficult  and  confusing area. It  is  very helpful  if  an example of the type of styling you are looking  for  can be provided. Within  the constraints of available space  and cost, the style you  want  can  usually  be achieved.   The  use  of  modern surface modeling software and CNC cutting capabilities can make the realization of your dream a reality.                                  



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